Who am I


I am Erik Von Schlehenried, a husband, father and outdoor fanatic. 

Between this and COVID-19 it has given me a new focus on life to pursue my real passion – technology. It has been a busy 12+ months since then.

Now I am a Software Engineer (Accountant & tax practitioner) with over 17 years, first hand, business experience, and continuing to learn, grow and meet new people.

I really enjoy solving problems & creating solutions. I build websites, web applications, tools to make the day to day processes easier.

I believe to many people are to focused on which technology they want to use versus the right solution and the right price to get them where they need to be. No matter how big or small, and irrespective of what you do we can create it for you.

Whether you’re trying setup something new, or simply improve a current solution – I can help!

Lets have a coffee online or face to face, whichever is more practical.

Erik von Schlehenried

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